On Thursday, 13th June 2019 we (class 7/1) went on a trip to Berlin, where we watched a theatre show which is named "Just Thirteen". At about 9 o’clock we met for our way to Berlin and at 10:45 we arrived our destination. So we went into the crowded theatre for the performance. The theatre play is about how children grow up and become an adult. It’s the 13th birthday of the twins Katy and Tyler and all is changing. Katy’s best friend Nicole loves Tyler‘s best friend Miguel, that‘s why they want to be a couple. Katy and Nicole fight but I won’t tell you why and what about. You will learn this if you watch the show.

Our class liked this performance which is acted by Olivia Dean, Charmaine Gorman and Benjamin Bishop who are all native speakers from England and Australia. We think it was easy to understand. After that we went home again and had a nice day.

Class 7/1

Photo: Mrs Slaby

English teacher: Mrs Lange