Do you remember that "Fremdsprachenwettbewerb"? No? Well, we do!

Because on Tuesday, the September 15th, we were allowed to participate in the award ceremony of said "Contest Of Foreign Languages" (Bundesfremdsprachenwettbewerb). Mrs Neuman, our English teacher, accompanied us, three students of this year’s 10/6 to the Max-Steenbeck-Gymnasium in Cottbus where the ceremony was held. 

Despite being pretty nervous - with this contest having been for all the schools in Brandenburg, the competition was high - we were also super excited and thrilled about having the chance to take part in that ceremony. 

With the COVID-19-pandemic still ongoing, the festivities had to be shortened in order to keep all the participants save; but it was still a super cool experience and all the winners in their respective categories were able to get the attention they deserved for doing so great in that contest.

We got an extra price in the category “team” for using a total of three foreign languages – English, Latin and French – in our roleplay “Flight 357 To Malaga”.
The bad news is that, due to covid, there won’t be a local contest of foreign languages at our school for all the eighth graders to express their speaking skills and creativity.

But the good news is that the “Bundesfremdsprachenwettbewerb” will still be held and YOU can participate!
You can enter the contest in a team with your classmates or friends or try out the “Solo”-category!

Please keep in mind: the deadline for entering next year’s contest is October 6th!

For more information please visit!

Written by Laureen Rossoll, Josy Krüger and Lisa-Marie Meyer (10/6)

Photo: taken by  Heike Neumann, proud English teacher