Trying to live sustainably together with each other. 60 students from both Germany and Great Britain met in Berlin, brought together by UKGermanConnection. From 1st till 4th November we exchanged ideas on how to consume in a sustainable way. The goal was to create awareness on how everyone can live an environmentally friendly life, but also to show how easy and attractive sustainability can be.

The main topics that we talked about were food, fashion and travel. Therefore a few experts from every field came and led workshops in which we were able to collect a few ideas. We got to know a lot of new possibilities to incorporate sustainability into every part of our daily life. Every decision we make should be influenced by sustainable ideas to make the earth last longer. The way we get to the supermarket, the way we shop for groceries and how we place them in the refrigerator could all have an impact on our future.

After brainstorming and creating posters in small groups on Saturday and Sunday, we presented our results on Monday in the British Embassy in Berlin.

Here are 5 ideas you should think about:

  1. The ”use-by-date“ is the date until the producer can ensure that the product won’t taint.
  2. The date should just be considered if it’s printed on fish or meat products. Do not throw away other food just because you think it’s expired. Trust your senses and prevent food waste.
  3. Sustainable clothing can be expensive but the transparency and quality of the products as well as the fair wage of the producers justify it. If you can’t afford new sustainable clothing maybe buy second hand!
  4. Electric cars are not the most sustainable option! They use electricity that could come from unsustainable sources and they have batteries which contain lithium. That chemical’s production is very harmful to the nature. Deliberately use public transport or your bike!
  5. A sustainable lifestyle does not always have to be pricy or unattractive. Every single decision towards a more sustainable life would help the earth and our future!

The event as such was an awesome experience which we are happy to have experienced. We were a bit sceptical before we went there but in the end it was worth it.

We were able to exchange ideas but also learn about the other culture, opinions and history.

If you are not able to do an exchange (year), maybe think about applying for one of UKGermanConnection´s seminars. You wouldn´t regret it.

Anna Seifert und Maja Hück, 12/4